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​Miami native, Sherwin Hora grew up knowing the value of hard work and determination. She learned these valuable lessons by watching her parents provide for her and her siblings.  They instilled the theory of “No dream is too big and no accomplishment is ever too small”, the expectation for educational success was set extremely high, which didn’t necessarily intimidate her, as she was always an A/B student. Sherwin’s dad hoped for her that she would one day become a politician like Condoleezza Rice. At the age of 17, Sherwin became a young mother, that was a life-changing moment, experiencing a lot of judgment and ultimatums. Afraid and uncertain, She had no choice but to grow up. When Sherwin decided to pursue a professional career as a nail technician, she knew that a successful future was ahead of her.  Coming from a place where at 17 years old being told that she had ruined her life, and it was over, Sherwin believes the nail industry saved her, it opened many doors for her and one of the best doors was becoming an entrepreneur.


A graduate of the Margate School of Beauty in Margate FL, Sherwin tested her knowledge and broadened her skills at a local Hair Studio in Sunrise fl. She later took a leap of faith and in 2011, decided to become a business owner and then opened the EGO Nail Salon and Boutique in Fort Lauderdale Florida, which would later on be known as just EGO Nails & Spa. In 2014, experiencing working onset added fuel to her passion for styling nails and allowed her to build her career in the beauty industry; The limits seemed endless, with that in mind Sherwin stepped away from the title "Nail Tech" and embraced her title as "Celebrity Nail Stylist", Little did she know, that she would become so in demand, her expansion would allow her to leave the salon completely, in 2022 that's exactly what Sherwin did. Mrs. Hora, an extraordinary wife and mother of two, has become a highly respected beauty professional and skilled nail technician and salon owner, with over 10 years of professional and business management experience.  She credits her husband, as well as her two children for being her biggest inspirations.  Over the years, Mrs. Hora has lent her services to print and television media, and worked with some of the industry’s hottest models and musicians. Her resume includes Teen Vogue, ESSIE, Nail pro magazine, Maxim, P.Diddy's REVOLT TV, CoverGirl Cosmetics, Celeb plus size model Ashley Graham and Actor/Singer Lenny Kravitz.​Mrs. Hora's work is also featured on the cover of the 2023 spring issue of Harpers BazaarMexico.  Sherwin Hora the philanthropist and entrepreneur is definitely one to watch.

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